We Caught up with music artist Timeless for an exclusive interview[@Timeless_Artist] [@iLMmedia]


We spoke to music artist Timeless, and asked him some questions we know many people would like to know the answers for! Here’s what Happened Our questions will be in Bold Timeless  Replies in ” “

Question one

How Old are you,Where are you from and what do you do?

“I am 24 years young, I’m from Luton Town & I’m a versatile artist who raps & sings in multiple genres, creating a unique sound of R&B, Trap & Grime”

Question two

What made you decide to take the route you have in the music industry?

I didn’t choose this route, this route chose me! Music has always been part of my life from young. Poetry was my thing when I was 8 which was a gateway to rap as soon as I entered my high school years. From there I progressed & once I hit 21 I decided to take it real serious.

Question 3

What projects have you worked on that you are most proud of?

The projects I am most proud of has got to be my videography company I set up [Two-Time Productions] which in just 5 months of learning to edit and film has worked with the likes of Flirta D. With my music I would say I am proud of everything I do because if I wasn’t I would not put it out there. Obviously I have favourite tracks such as She’s so real, Money etc. and I am proud of my new album also [Time is Mine] as it’s my best work to date.

Question 4

Who would you most like to work with and why?

“I would most like to work with Nafe Smallz because his from Luton also and his killing it. His sound is different to what you usually hear in the UK and I believe my sound is unique, which would make for a banger if we made a track.

Question 5

What projects can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect to see me working with a few artists such as Stealth, Warz, Rebelyous, Xec, Esskay, Hamish and hopefully many more people. You can expect more videos from myself and you can expect me to be shooting videos for other people also. I have plans for a Grime/Trap album, a back to back album with my brother stealth & plans for my 3rd official album featuring my main artistry. I am looking to end this year with a bang and come into 2017 fresh, I ain’t f*cking about, exciting times ahead! ITS TIME BITCH

You can follow Timeless on Twitter @Timeless_Artist

also find him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TwoTimeProductions

and on Youtube Here TimelessOfficial

Check out a Track From his Album “Time is Mine” Here and purchase here


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